Hatchet Throwing for Newbies

The basics of axe throwing are simple. Learn the safety procedures and stance from a pro–our experts here at the Bisbee Hatchet House. Perfect your throw. Compete with friends and family for points. Play Games. Tell Jokes. Laugh. Take Pictures. Bond. This will eliminate any fears about the sport and help provide a new favorite pastime while in Old Bisbee. 

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The Best Wood for an Axe Throwing Target

Very often we’re asked–what type of wood is best for building an axe throwing target? Which kind of wood should I use if I want to build one? With so many types of wood available, it can be difficult to decide, especially when you’re building your first axe-throwing target. That’s why we’re here with our best tips from Hatchet Kenny–co-owner and “Hatchet Man” here at The Bisbee Hatchet House in Bisbee, Arizona. 

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