Hatchet Throwing for Newbies

The basics of axe throwing are simple. Learn the safety procedures and stance from a pro–our experts here at the Bisbee Hatchet House. Perfect your throw. Compete with friends and family for points. Play Games. Tell Jokes. Laugh. Take Pictures. Bond. This will eliminate any fears about the sport and help provide a new favorite pastime while in Old Bisbee. 

Can Anyone Learn to Throw an Axe?

Anybody can learn the art of axe throwing or knife throwing–no matter their age. Young or old, axe throwing is a hobby and sport that anyone can learn and enjoy. Many folks learned axe throwing if they grew up on a farm or in the country, and many miners used to play axe-throwing games on their breaks. Here in Bisbee, Arizona, we’ve created a space reminiscent of the old days when throwing hatchets was a way people took a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life to spend some quality time together.

Can Kids Throw Axes?

family photo while preparing for axe throwing in bisbee, babies and kids and adults

Yes, hatchet throwing is a kid-friendly sport. We allow kids ages 10 and up to learn and throw here at Bisbee Hatchet House. As long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian who can sign the waiver to give them permission to throw, they’re welcome to learn and play with the rest of the family. Axe throwing is a fun sport for the whole family. 

Drinking & Throwing

woman drinking a glass of wine before touring Bisbee

We don’t sell alcoholic beverages at Bisbee Hatchet House, but we do sell snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. Here in Old Bisbee, we’re surrounded by a variety of restaurants and bars–and it’s perfectly acceptable to have a drink, then learn to throw hatchets. Safety is at the top of our list, so we do ask that if anyone is intoxicated, they save their axe-throwing lessons for the future. Anyone that appears to have had too much to drink will not be allowed to throw or participate in Bisbee Hatchet House activities.

Safety While Axe Throwing

smiley face post it in review of Bisbee Hatchet House and safety

Our space was designed for the utmost when it comes to your safety. Each bay is reinforced and enclosed by a metal and wooden cage to prevent sharp objects from flying out of their designated spaces. Every bay has this safety enclosure that extends all the way back to the throwing line. We designed our space with safety in mind. Closed-toe shoes are required while at the Bisbee Hatchet House, both for safety reasons and due to insurance. Sometimes hatchets and knives ricochet along the floor, and it’s important to keep your feet protected. Anyone throwing must follow all safety rules, guidelines, and instructions from Bisbee Hatchet House employees–otherwise, they may be asked to leave.

History & Fun at the Bisbee Hatchet House

Our unique space is here for you to enjoy during your next visit to Bisbee, Arizona. Have an easy, comfortable, and invigorating time here, whether it’s your first visit to Bisbee or you’re a regular visitor. Please contact us with any questions you might have. We’re here to be part of the Bisbee experience. Now you can book your space online for your next visit, too! If you’re planning a large event such as a wedding, retreat, or corporate event, we’d love to be a part of your special day. Contact us to learn more.

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