The Best Wood for an Axe Throwing Target

Very often we’re asked–what type of wood is best for building an axe throwing target? Which kind of wood should I use if I want to build one? With so many types of wood available, it can be difficult to decide, especially when you’re building your first axe-throwing target. That’s why we’re here with our best tips from Hatchet Kenny–co-owner and “Hatchet Man” here at The Bisbee Hatchet House in Bisbee, Arizona. 

The Best Hatchet Board Wood

axe throwing wood

Cottonwood is the best type of wood available for building an axe throwing target. It holds moisture really well, which means it doesn’t chip as quickly as other types of wood planks. When using an axe, you want to chop wood, but when axe throwing, you want the axe to be easily removed from the board without taking the wood with it. This means wood holds moisture, is “forgiving,” and will allow for hours of hatchet throwing activities. Cottonwood will last multitudes longer than other types of wood when it comes to throwing a hatchet at a target, which is why it’s at the top of our list. 

Soft Axe Target Wood

Poplar wood is also a good choice for hatchet throwing and axe throwing target creation. It, too, lasts much longer than wood found at hardware stores. It’s soft and “heals” well, which means the holes made by the axe seal up quickly after removing axes or knives–much like Cottonwood. It’s smoother than many other types of wood and doesn’t release sap or resin, which can inhibit axe throwing. It’s also highly durable and can be used for many hatchet throwing hours. 

The Most Available Hatchet Wood

hatchet on log

We use Douglas Fir or Pine boards for our axe throwing targets here at the Bisbee Hatchet House. Here in the southwest, it’s the most readily available and lasts a long time. The above two types of wood above are available regionally, and not easily accessible here in Arizona, so we opt for the Douglas Fir. We have found this to be an excellent target choice here in the desert–both for dry and moist times of the year, such as the monsoon season. These hatchet throwing target boards are forgiving, don’t chip easily, and hold moisture for hours of axe throwing. 

Drawing the Axe Throwing Target

friends throwing at axe throwing target

If you’re wondering how to draw the target on the boards themselves, we use a stencil from WATL–the World Axe Throwing League. This stencil uses the industry standard and makes drawing the target on the boards easy and efficient after the target is built or boards are replaced. These same measurements are used in axe throwing leagues and competitions. Use the stencil with sharpie markers or WATL markers and your axe throwing target will be ready to go in no time. 

Axe Throwing in Bisbee, Arizona

No matter which type of wood you choose for your first hatchet throwing target, know that we’re here to help you navigate your new hobby easily. Our expert team is here to help answer any questions you may have and provide a fun space for you to practice axe throwing in the Bisbee community. We’re excited for your new adventures in axe throwing and look forward to seeing you at the Bisbee Hatchet House in Old Bisbee. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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