Is Axe Throwing Safe?

Axe throwing is a competitive sport and consists of games that are increasing in popularity around the globe. One of the questions we get asked most by newbies here at the Bisbee Hatchet House is — is axe throwing safe?

Throwing Hatchets for Sport

group of friends throwing axes at bisbee hatchet house

Both business owners and insurance have safety at the top of their list at a venue designed for throwing axes, such as the Bisbee Hatchet House. As with any sport–there’s some risk involved, but it’s very minimal. Much like batting cages, archery, or bowling, moving and flying objects can cause injury, which is why we have you sign a waiver before you’re allowed to throw.

Do People Get Injured While Axe Throwing?

hatchet on top of log in wood chopping pile

At this time, there are no reports of serious axe-throwing injuries for us to share, and there are hundreds of hatchet houses open around the globe. The axes and knives you learn to throw by our expert team are not razor-sharp, and they stick to the target based on stance, rotation, and throwing form. Not the sharpness of the hatchet. The only injuries we have seen here at our hatchet house require a small band-aid and are less severe than a paper cut.

Safety at The Bisbee Hatchet House

chalkboard that says "follow the rules"

With safety in mind, we’ve created an elaborate and elegant space for you to enjoy with friends and family. When throwing hatchets and knives, we do have safety requirements in order to learn, throw, and play.

  • Every participant must wear closed-toed shoes in case a hatchet or knife bounces back across the floor
  • Only one person may throw in a bay–at a time
  • Hatchets must be thrown one at a time and retrieved after every throw
  • Anyone who appears too intoxicated to throw safely will be asked to leave
  • Participants not following the Bisbee Hatchet House rules will be asked to leave
  • All participants must sign a liability waiver
  • All participants under the age of 18 must have a parent sign the liability waiver in person before they can throw

We have your safety at the top of our minds every day here at the Bisbee Hatchet House. Axe throwing is a safe and fun activity we’re proud to bring to Cochise County and Old Bisbee. If you have questions about learning to throw hatchets in our space, booking a bay, or using our space to host a corporate event, be sure to contact us for more information.

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