The History of Axe Throwing

viking or middle ages man with a hatchet like tool in front of a lake

Axe throwing is a competitive sport that can be most easily traced back to the frontier of North America–but whose origins possibly go back as far as ancient times.

The axe is one of the oldest tools known to man, and traces of axe-throwing can be found in many ancient civilizations. It’s likely that competitive axe throwing existed before any other competitive sport that history can recall. Throwing hatchets is becoming a common pastime nowadays, with games taking place at venues such as the Bisbee Hatchet House in Bisbee, Arizona. 

Loggers & Miners of North America

old-fashioned hatchet on top of cut logs

Axes and hatchets were commonly used by working men in all trades–from mining to logging, farming, and other forms of frontier craftsmanship. The sport we know today wasn’t “official” until the loggers of the early 1900s started to compete in “Loggersports” between lumber camps. It is believed, however, that hard-working men in civilizations and lifetimes before threw the axe as a game to compete and pass the time–such as in Medieval times, the Middle Ages, and in old Celtic civilizations

The Resurgence of Axe Throwing

woman standing next to an axe throwing target at the bisbee hatchet house

In recent years, axe throwing has become a popular sport and pastime in North America and around the globe, as hatchet houses and axe throwing venues continue to open in cities around the world. They can be found in countries like France, the UK, Canada, Thailand, and Australia. It is true that this sport began with historical roots in the trades of men, but has recently exploded as a new way to connect with friends and family, get a physical workout, and briefly disconnect from technology.

Axe Throwing in Bisbee

Axe throwing hatchet on log

We’ve heard from locals that in mining towns across America, axe-throwing was a popular game to play during work breaks and at the end of a long day. We’re proud to be the first hatchet house in Cochise County and in Bisbee, Arizona. Our town was a popular mining town in its heyday–and at one time–the largest city in Arizona. 

If you love history and are curious about giving hatchet-throwing a try, stop by our one-of-a-kind, historical venue in Bisbee, Arizona. Contact us to reserve a throwing bay for your next Arizona adventure. We look forward to helping you embrace this deeply rooted tradition.