4 Axe Throwing Tips for Beginners

Axe throwing is becoming a major pastime in the USA, as hatchet houses open across America. Are you curious about taking up this new hobby? Here at the Bisbee Hatchet House, we’re here to provide you with a few tips to get you started on your new journey of hatchet throwing.

Start with the Two-Handed Axe Throwing Technique

While there are many ways to throw a hatchet, the two-handed technique is the easiest and safest to start with. The goal is to perfect your two-handed technique and land some serious throws before moving on to more advanced methods. Advanced hatchet throwers can then begin to learn one-handed techniques, the use of various axes, and even move on to the art of knife throwing.

Perfect Your Stance

Much like bowling, throwing hatchets and landing them on the board for points takes practicing the perfect stance, as well as your throw. If your feet aren’t grounded in the right place, your throw won’t have ample follow-through. Have your Bisbee Hatchet House guide teach you the perfect stance as well as throwing techniques for the best axe throwing experience. Once you’ve gotten your stance down, your ability to play games with friends and score higher while throwing hatchets will become a breeze. 

Follow Through with the Axe

Aiming is important when you throw an axe, but follow-through is key. You’ll want to throw the hatchet with precision and power, and use your follow-through to guide the axe where you want it to go. Without this force and precision, your axe can go flying and miss your mark completely. The goal is to master your movement and create impactful follow-through that works. We’re here to help you learn the best axe throwing methods when it comes to hatchet throwing in Bisbee

Don’t Let the Hatchet Intimidate You

Throwing an axe might seem intimidating at first, but don’t let the outward appearance fool you. Once you step into our space and have the guidance of an experienced teacher, all you need is practice. The feeling of landing a hatchet on the target is one of accomplishment and joy, and one to cherish. If you’ve been thinking about taking up axe throwing, give it a try, be patient with yourself, and you’ll see why hatchet throwing is becoming a regular hobby for many people around the world. 

Experience Axe Throwing in Bisbee, Arizona

We’re here to help guide you every step of the way of your axe-throwing journey here at Bisbee Hatchet House in Bisbee, Arizona. We’re a locally-owned Bisbee attraction, with four hatchet bays and plenty of historical character. Please contact us to learn more and book a spot ahead of time during your visit to our town. With us, you’ll have a hatchet-throwing experience like none other.